Flat Roof Repairs Donnybrook

Our certified experienced and fully trained roofers can replace old flat roofs with the highest quality materials, also providing a guarantee on all new work completed.  We can also repair and weatherproof existing flat roofs to ensure that you have a leak free roof. We check for rotten timbers, damp etc. and can advise you on the best possible solution to solve any roofing problems you may have.


A long term and durable solution, Felt roofing is highly durable, suitable for any size of flat roof and can be applied in a range of ways to flat and curved roof tops. Felt roofing is a highly tried and approved flat roof covering, which typically consists of multiple layers finished in a waterproof coating that will keep your property dry for years.



With torch felt roofing, the important part in successful felt roofing is the quality of the installation. It takes years of experience and skill to get a really great finish that looks not only good but will be waterproof and durable for many years to come. We take pride in offering some of the highest quality felt roof installations across Donnybrook and surrounding area’s.

Whether applying felt to flat or pitched roofs, the material offers a range of benefits which include: Adapts and suitable to any size of roof, Very durable and long lasting in Irish weather, Suitable for flat, pitched and curved roofing structures, Can be cold or hot applied, Brilliant solution for small areas like garages and sheds.

Ask one of our fully trained contractors to supply and fit all the roofing systems. All work is guaranteed and insured from fully certified and experienced tradesmen at Roofing Pro.

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